The Future of Privacy Law in AI with Stephen Wu, Esq

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In this podcast episode, Paul Starrett interviews Steve Wu, a legal expert in the field of artificial intelligence and privacy. The conversation centers around the impact of artificial intelligence on privacy, the upcoming European Union proposal for rules on handling artificial intelligence, and the challenges companies face in navigating compliance in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Paul introduces PrivacyLabs, a company specializing in compliance technology, and highlights the importance of addressing the intersection of AI and privacy. He introduces Steve Wu as a highly experienced practitioner in the field, and the conversation delves into various aspects of AI and privacy.

Steve Wu, a shareholder at Silicon Valley Law Group, outlines his expertise and experience in information technology law. He covers his practice’s focus on transactions, compliance, liability, incident response, and governance, especially in relation to artificial intelligence and robotics. Steve and Paul reminisce about their past collaborations in the information security committee and their co-authored books.

The conversation shifts towards the impact of AI on privacy. Steve emphasizes the need to understand a client’s business thoroughly, its data lifecycle, and potential risks. He highlights the significance of data breaches in terms of regulatory enforcement and financial costs. The discussion turns to the European Union’s proposed artificial intelligence act and its comparison to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Steve explains that the proposed act follows a similar approach, with a focus on transparency and compliance.

The hosts explore different aspects of the proposed regulation, including its definitions and application to high-risk AI applications. They discuss the challenges of fitting the general language of regulations onto specific AI activities and the need for regulatory leeway during the initial implementation period.

Paul and Steve underline the importance of collaboration between legal professionals, technologists, and management to achieve comprehensive compliance. They emphasize the value of speaking the same language and keeping processes simple to ensure everyone understands the compliance goals. Steve also provides his contact information for those seeking assistance in AI law and privacy compliance.

Overall, the podcast highlights the evolving landscape of AI and privacy regulations, the need for proactive compliance efforts, and the importance of collaboration between various stakeholders to ensure successful implementation.

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